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Children participating in play-based speech therapy and language therapy

Speech, Feeding, & Myofunctional Therapy for Children of All Ages

Convenient in-home services
throughout Northern Virginia

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Spark Pediatric Therapy is a locally owned, private speech therapy practice where we offer play-based and child-led therapy sessions that are individualized to meet the unique needs of each child. At Spark Pediatric Therapy, we combine evidence-based techniques with a neurodiversity-affirming approach. We strive to build strong relationships with families and involve parents and caregivers in the therapy process. We value diverse perspectives, communication styles, and ways of thinking and honor all forms of communication. Above all, we aim to spark confidence and communication in every child, empowering them to achieve their maximum potential.


Speech & Language Therapy

Let's help your child speak, listen, read, and write with confidence! Our speech therapy sessions are tailored to your child's needs to support their vocabulary, grammar, literacy skills, and speech sound development.


Myofunctional therapy for children and teens gets to the root cause of breathing, chewing, swallowing, speech, and sleep issues. We also provide pre- and post-operative support for tongue-ties.


We assist children and caregivers throughout the feeding journey by designing a tailored program to address their individual challenges with chewing, swallowing, and eating.

Child with speech delay participating in child-led speech therapy session
Child with language differences participating in neurodiversity-affirming language therapy
Child with difficulty chewing and swallowing participating in feeding therapy


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"My daughter's incredible progress over the last 5 months is all the evidence I need to highly recommend working with Kristen to anyone considering helping their child's ability to communicate."



 Let's Get Started! 

Get in touch!

Contact us for a free 15-minute consultation call. We will take some time to discuss your concerns, answer your questions, and provide guidance on the next steps for you and your child.


Our first session will begin with an in-depth evaluation to understand your child's skills and challenges. We will share the results, and together we will develop an individualized treatment plan with goals.

Start Therapy!

Therapy sessions will be conducted in person or virtually at a frequency that best meets your child's needs. We will track progress to ensure that your child is achieving their goals.


We come to you!

In-Home • Preschool & Daycare • School • Online

In-home speech therapy is available to families in eastern Loudoun County and western Fairfax County. We also offer speech therapy onsite at your child's school or daycare.


Online teletherapy services are available to all residents of Virginia and offer added convenience for busy families.

With Spark Pediatric Therapy, there is no need to plan for transitions or schedule extra time for commuting! We make speech therapy convenient and accessible.

Family participating in convenient, in-home speech therapy in Sterling, VA
Child with developmental delays using speech and language skills learned during speech therapy
Sparking Confidence & Communication in Every Child
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