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Childhood Apraxia of Speech • Articulation • Phonological Disorders • Language Delays & Disorders • Late Talkers • Autism • Developmental Delays • Early Literacy • Gestalt Language Processing • AAC


Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy sessions are designed to support your child in practicing speech sounds that are challenging for them. We embed therapeutic supports into their favorite games and activities to make the hard work more fun! Speech therapy will help your child:

  • Use all age-appropriate sounds

  • Speak more clearly so that others understand them

  • Reduce frustration and improve self-confidence

  • Develop phonological skills for speaking, reading, and spelling

Language Therapy

We follow your child's lead and use hands-on learning activities to make each session engaging. Whether your child is working on using their first words or needing support for higher level academic language skills, our sessions are uniquely tailored to their needs. Language therapy will help your child: 

  • Increase their vocabulary

  • Understand what they are told

  • Communicate with less frustration

  • Gain reading, spelling, and academic language skills


Gestalt Language Processors & Autistic Children

Does your child repeat lines from TV shows, movies, and songs? Do they speak with a rich melody or say long, hard-to-understand sentences? These are only a few of the qualities that we see in our gestalt language processors. At Spark Pediatric Therapy, we will use DIR/Floortime and the Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) approach to help your child:

  • Continue to build language in the way that they learn best — delayed echolalia and scripting

  • Expand their vocabulary to create new sentences

  • Understand, ask, and answer questions

  • Say what they want to say in their own words

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is part of all of our therapy sessions as we believe that parent and caregiver involvement is crucial to your child's success! That's why we make parent coaching a priority. We also offer one-on-one parent coaching sessions where parents can have uninterrupted and dedicated time to ask questions, learn specific strategies, provide tips for home practice, and more. Contact us to learn more.

Speech & Language Evaluations

In order to learn about your child's current communication skills, Spark Pediatric Therapy will begin with a speech and language evaluation. This process typically includes the following:

  • A review of intake paperwork 

  • Parent or caregiver interviews

  • Observations and informal test measures

  • Formal assessments

After the evaluation, we will complete a written evaluation report and a treatment plan that includes therapy goals. This report will outline our professional recommendations, offer referrals when needed, and provide additional speech and language resources that may be useful for your family.

Family participating in convenient, in-home speech therapy in Sterling, VA
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